Ridge Roberts is a 16-year-old musician from Granbury, Texas.  He first picked up the fiddle at the age of 7 and his papa taught him the old fashioned way, knee to knee.  It was immediately evident that this would be a life-long love.   He began researching fiddle players and fiddle tunes, concentrating on the old-time Texas style fiddlers.  He scoured YouTube for fiddle music from the legends that he learned about, and he began learning the tunes by ear.  He quickly surpassed what his papa was able to teach him, so 'Uncle Robin', a family friend, took up where his papa left off.  Recognizing that Ridge would soon surpass him, Uncle Robin knew that Ridge needed a good fiddle teacher to take over.  Ridge entered his first fiddle contest in Alvarado in 2013 at the age of 10.  It was here that the Roberts family would meet Michelle Kuhlman, a teacher and friend of fiddle and rhythm guitar legend Joey  McKenzie.  She recognized Ridge's raw talent and knew that she needed to put the families together.  That first meeting would mark the beginning of a special friendship bound by their mutual love and passion for their instruments and their craft.  Having  Joey McKenzie as his fiddle teacher and mentor has been a blessing.  With God's direction and under the tutelage of Joey McKenzie, Ridge's ear, fiddling and work ethic have made Ridge the professional musician that he is today.


Ridge has won many contests but most notably he is the:

2019 Grand Masters Champion

2019 Colorado State Champion

2018 World Champion

2018 Oklahoma State Champion

2018 Bob Wills Division Champion - Oklahoma

2018 National Twin Fiddle Champion

2018 National Junior Champion

2017 Texas State Champion - Freshman Division at Glen Rose

2016 & 2017 World Champion - Junior Division

2016 & 2017 Mid-America Fiddle Champion - Junior Division

2015 National Jr. Jr. Champion

2015 & 2016 Texas State Champion - Freshman Division at Hallettsville

2015 Colorado State Champion - Jr. Jr. Division

Ridge loves to play rhythm guitar, though his main instrument is the fiddle.  When he's not playing the fiddle, he is thinking about the fiddle, listening to fiddle music, researching fiddle history, playing rhythm guitar for fiddle tunes, looking for fiddles and sometimes just looking at his fiddle.  He also enjoys reading, drawing, antiquing, and collecting old Bibles, old books, and cowboy hats.   

Ridge is a student at  North Central Texas Academy, also known as Happy Hill Farm, a private, christian, preparatory school, and an international boarding school.  He enjoys school and the they works very well with his performance schedule, allowing him to take time off for performances, fiddle lessons, and fiddle contests. 

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