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lone star fiddler cover final (2020-11-0

Ridge Roberts

Recorded in February 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee, Lone Star Fiddler is Ridge Roberts' long-anticipated debut fiddle album. It pays homage to his deep Texas roots, the style of fiddling for which he is known, and gives a big tip of the hat to the musical pioneers and legends of the past. If you're a fan of Texas fiddle music, you'll love this album—and if this is your first time hearing it, sit back and enjoy this toe-tapping collection of Texas fiddle classics! Featuring championship fiddler Ridge Roberts, legendary rhythm guitar slinger Joey McKenzie, and world-class upright bassist Dennis Crouch, Lone Star Fiddler showcases authentic Texas style fiddling at its finest! #IfYoureGonnaPlayInTexasYouGottaHaveAFiddleInTheBand

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